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John Kerry Calls on President Bush to Do Right By Troops

Location: Des Moines, IA

August  14,  2003
Des Moines, IA

"I just learned something that makes my blood boil, that the Bush Administration is considering cutting the pay of our troops in Iraq.   If it's part of a cruel game of Washington budgeting, it's an abuse of our soldiers.  If it's not, and the Bush Administration is really considering cutting the pay of the men and women they asked to serve, then it's a betrayal of our troops.  We depend on these men and women to do difficult things in dangerous places—they should be able to depend on us as well."

"We have 148,00 troops in Iraq in 127 degree heat who are in danger of losing their lives everyday and the Pentagon is talking about cutting their pay.  

"The Bush Administration says they just can't afford it.  Well if they can't afford to pay our soldiers in harm's way and support the families they left behind, then they better get their priorities straight.  If they can't afford to keep faith with our soldiers then their priorities are wrong for America."

"The Bush Administration questions the patriotism of those who ask questions about how you win a war, but I know no deeper violation of patriotism than dishonoring those who wear the uniform of our nation and breaking our promises to our soldiers.

"If this Administration is even floating this idea, President Bush ought to make it right by the end of the day."

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