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Kennedy on Stem Cell Victory

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Kennedy on Stem Cell Victory

Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy released the following statement on the passage of H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. The act passed today with a vote of 63-37:

"This is the most important health care vote in a decade. That is because it is about hope for new cures for millions of Americans.

I was here for the controversial debates over DNA research, invitro fertilization, and fetal tissue research.

In each case, it took leadership and persistence to see it through. And now we see the results as we enter a new century of the life sciences with breathtaking, breakthrough medical advances each and every day.

The foundation of this new century is our progress in mapping the human genome, splicing DNA, and understanding how cells work.

And now, stem cells could be one of the building blocks for that new century.

No vote and no veto can deny this hope forever. Already, other countries are moving ahead without us to explore the promise of stem cell therapies.

We urge the President not to veto hope. Stem cell research will happen with or without this President - it's a matter of when, not if. But if he does, we will be back and back and back to allow this life saving research to go forward."

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