Bono Votes to Protect California's Coasts

By:  Mary Bono Mack
Date: June 29, 2006
Location: Washington, DC

Bono Votes to Protect California's Coasts

In an effort to protect California's coastlines from potential environmental damage, Congresswoman Mary Bono (CA-45) today voted against H.R. 4761, the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act of 2006. This legislation would allow increased oil drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), which includes the coastline of California.

"In order to become energy independent, we need to both conserve the resources we have and support research into developing alternative fuel technology," said Congresswoman Mary Bono. "Drilling off California's coastlines should not be our priority at this time. America is a country of innovation, and I strongly believe we should focus our efforts on the development of more efficient, cleaner sources of energy."

At a time of increased demands on the federal budget, this bill would also have the unfortunate consequence of reducing much-needed future federal revenues, according to Congresswoman Bono. In addition, with the technologies available to us today, there are too many unknowns, leaving our coastlines at risk for unintended consequences.

"The Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act also jeopardizes states' rights," Congresswoman Bono said. "It should be up to the states to decide the fate of their coastlines rather than the federal government."

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