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Robin Jennison For Governor

Location: Unknown

Robin Jennison For Governor

Allow me to begin by briefly introducing myself and my running mate, Senator Dennis Wilson. Both Dennis and I have strong Kansas roots. My family settled in Healy, Kansas in 1887 on the ranch that my brother and I run to this day. Senator Wilson's family settled in Dodge City in 1885 and helped to organize and charter the initial city government. Our families grew and spread across the state, but neither of us has forgotten the hard work and sacrifices that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents endured to help shape the future of our families and the State of Kansas.

Dennis and I are running because Kansas deserves better. Kansas can have a sustainable prosperous economy. We can provide a quality education for our children, and we can do it without unnecessary interference from the courts. It simply takes leadership. Leadership that the current Governor is either unwilling or unable to provide.

As a former Majority Leader and Speaker of the House I have a reputation for working with all members of the legislature to ensure that we put Kansas' best interests ahead of our own individual goals. As a former House member, Chief of Staff for the State Treasurer's office, Johnson County Treasurer and current Senator, Dennis Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Lieutenant Governor's office. Leadership that no other Lieutenant Governor candidate can match. Dennis and I understand the workings of all facets of local and state government allowing us to exercise the fiscal responsibility that the citizens of Kansas deserve.

The first focus of our administration will be the economy of the State of Kansas. Without a vibrant economy none of Kansas' other needs can be met. For too long our business plan has been to create ad hoc tax incentives to steal businesses from other states. This does nothing to help locally owned businesses and fosters no loyalty from the new businesses. Kansas doesn't need more ad hoc incentives. It needs a more competitive business climate. We will work to decrease the government's reliance on property taxes and reduce unnecessary regulation and governmental oversight on small business. By fostering a more competitive business climate we can continue to recruit out of state business to Kansas, but we can also help our home grown entrepreneurs to flourish in their business endeavors.

A vibrant economy will allow us to devote more support to our educational system. To put it simply we currently have an unsustainable school finance formula. Dennis and I believe that Kansas must specifically define what education we expect for our children. Once this is defined, we must properly fund it. In addition to state funding we must allow local school districts the flexibility to exceed this standard. Innovation is rarely achieved through legislative acts. Rather, it will be the local flexibility and the innovation of our school teachers that will allow Kansas' schools to excel in today's international environment.

The citizens of Kansas deserve better than what the current Governor is providing. Kansas is a diverse state with diverse issues and Dennis and I understand that better than any other candidates. The Jennison/Wilson ticket can truly represent both Eastern and Western Kansas. Our business experience allows us to represent rural agricultural interests and the competitive business climate of Johnson County. More importantly, regardless of the issue we'll provide strong leadership for Kansas. When it comes time to vote on August 1, I ask you to vote for Robin Jennison and Dennis Wilson.


Robin Jennison

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