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House Republicans Prefer Stalling Rather than Acting on Border Security

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PALLONE. Madam Speaker, last week House Republicans held two field hearings on the issue of border security, and they plan to hold more hearings next month.

But, Madam Speaker, the time for hearings is over. It is unprecedented for House Republicans to be holding hearings on legislation that has already passed the House. Instead, it is time for the Senate and the House to begin the tough task of reconciling differences between the two bills so that we can pass a comprehensive border security and immigration bill this year.

That is how things in Washington are supposed to be done. But this Republican ``Do Nothing'' Congress refuses to lead.

Last week President Bush said negotiations were already under way between the two Chambers. And that is simply not true. Negotiations are not taking place because House Republicans say they want to wait until they have conducted the hearings.

Now, it is bad enough that Washington Republicans refuse to properly fund border security efforts. But now they want to stall any movement on legislation that would secure our borders and reform our Nation's immigration laws. If comprehensive legislation is not passed this year, House Republicans will have nobody to blame but themselves.

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