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Commending the Patriot Guard Riders

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to be able to come to the floor today and that we can honor a group of Americans who have gone literally out of their way to see that our heroes in this country are given the respect that they are due. Our fallen soldiers are to be the most honored of all Americans, since they have given their very lives to protect all of our freedoms.

It really is a great shame that any American would seek to disrupt the funeral of one who died to protect the liberty of all. While the actions of a few have been disheartening to us, there are so many who are willing to stand up to show their love and support for the families of the fallen. The Patriot Guard Riders, they show their love of our country, and they do that by drowning out the protests of a few with the rumblings of their motorcycles of the many.

So, today we come to the floor to honor our fallen soldiers, and we do that always here on both sides of the aisle by providing for their families, by mourning for their loss, by remembering their high goals for which they all stood. So it is fitting and proper that we come here today to hold up the Patriot Guard Riders as examples of devotion to the country and encourage them to continue their ride across this Nation to protect the loved ones of our fallen servicemen.


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