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Schwab Launches Radio Ad

Location: Olathe, KS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Office: 913-397-8360
June 20, 2006

Schwab Launches Radio Ad

Send the Washington politicians a message-Stop Illegal Immigration

Olathe, KS-This week State Representative Scott Schwab began a radio ad campaign calling for an end of Washington's failed policies on illegal immigration.

"The politicians in Washington have failed to hold the line on illegal immigration," said Rep. Scott Schwab. "If we as a nation are to secure our border and prevent amnesty, we need real leadership because it's more than just an immigration issue, it is an issue of national security," added Schwab.

Schwab supports using proven technology that provides real time intelligence allowing federal law enforcement to ship man power to stop illegal border crossings.

Incumbent Democrat Denis Moore recently opposed denying state and local governments with "sanctuary policies" homeland security funding. Moore's vote supports illegal immigrants' ability to report crimes and appear as witnesses without having their status reported to federal authorities.

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