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Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

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Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

It wasn't funny at the time, but now that I look back on it, it had to be one of the most hilarious experiences of my life. My wife was seven months pregnant and it was time to tackle the baby room. A few years back we built a 4 bedroom house and one of the smaller bedrooms was ideal for a baby room. We decided, since a new boy was on the way, to do a theme of stars and moons.

Earlier, when painting the garage the traditional white with my brother-in-law's paint sprayer, I fell in love with the overspray and I thought could make a good effect. So, we decided to paint the upper 1/3rd of the wall a dark royal blue, and let the overspray transition the border into the traditional tan you get on your walls when you move into a new house.

With the room wrapped in plastic we started what would be an absolute disaster. First, I didn't realize the pressure volume on the paint sprayer was not an on and off switch. Going full throttle, I painted the upper 1/3rd of the wall as planned, the overspray was, well, way over sprayed. There was blue paint on the ceiling, woodwork, in the switch plates, and all over the carpet. It literally looked like it was vandalized.

For the next several hours, I wiped down the white doors, the switch plates, scrubbed the wood work. While yelling at myself under my breath, the dog managed to come into the room. So, I yelled at her and took all my verbal frustration out on her. She darted out the room, but not before stepping into the paint pan and tracking blue paint throughout the house. Oh, and we have white carpet.

That cleaned up, I went back to work in the baby room. Around 1 a.m., the paint was too dry, and I was going to have to repaint over my mistakes. So, I grabbed the roller and my coffee and headed out of the room. I noticed in the carpet, a bunch of blue specks… and they were multiplying. I suddenly realized some how water had gotten on the roller and it was dripping blue paint into the carpet. I went back into the room, and set the roller and coffee down and started cleaning up that mess. A ½ hour later, I went back into the room to get the roller and the coffee, only to find the coffee had spilled leaving a 24 inch stain in the carpet.

I was done. I shut the door and decided not to go back for weeks. I thought, hey, we have three other good rooms in this house; we don't need this one to be the baby room. My wife would have no part of it. So, I went back and started from scratch and eventually it became one of the best rooms in the house. Two days after completion, my first son, Nathan was born, and his room was ready for him.

We, as Republicans, have done a pretty good job of messing up the Third Congressional District in Kansas. Many want to quit and be content with the other three Republican Congressman we have. But then there are those who want what's best for those who reside in it. They are the ones who want to rebuild and redeem. Now is not the time to quit or be apathetic, but rather to stand up for those values we believe in and have always fought for. When it is over, we will look back and appreciate the wonderful work we have done to make this one of the best Republican Districts in the Nation.

Rep. Scott Schwab


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