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Real Change Equals Real Change

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Real Change Equals Real Change


While in Washington DC two weeks ago working on legislative affairs, I notice a very somber mood in Washington. It was a reflection of the Nation. While our economy is growing, our soldiers have kept us safe from continued terrorist attacks, and the Dow seems to be holding strong, people on the hill just are not happy.

Spending is going through the roof, we hear of our enemy's successes more than our own, and Hurricane Katrina left not only a city and many lives in shambles, but the faith in our government as well. Democrats, Republicans and Independents share one feeling, disappointment with Congress.

This took me back to a meeting I had with about 11 other business and legislative leaders in Topeka during the Kansas Chamber's annual dinner earlier this year. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discussed what he has been pushing for over 12 years; Real Change. And real change means "real change," not a new version of the status quo. It was the same message I heard in a similar setting in Texas at a Legislative exchange last year.

This is why I am running for Congress, because my voting record is a real change from the Kansas 03 Congressional District Congressman. I believe the values of Kansas 03 mirror my own, and my voting record reflects that.

The time has come to quit just talking about cutting spending and start talking about balancing the budget. The economy has now recovered from 9/11, and Congress needs to plan for a balanced budget with in no more than the next 4 years.

To do this, we must not compromise economic growth. When Congress comes back this week, they need to communicate a strong message that the tax cuts will be made permanent before the end of the session. This will help insure a strong economy to allow us to have revenues which allow our federal government to live within its means.

Quality education has always occurred on a local level with collaboration of parents, teachers and school board members. The legislative delegation has overwhelmingly fought and voted for that increased local control. We must have a Congressman who will continue that fight and stop the federal mandates on our schools, both funded and unfunded.

We will win in Iraq. Whether or not classified Weapons of Mass Destruction were found or not, Sadaam Hussein had weapons that could cause mass destruction, and he wanted to use them to kill you. After 9/11, we were in unison as a nation in defeating terrorists, and going after regimes that harbor them. If we allow Democrats in Congress to succeed in their defeatist rhetoric, we will be more disrespected than ever before in the International Community. We must show the world our resolve to protect freedom from those who try to use terror and fear to dismantle it. We need a Congressman with a strong stomach to continue the fight against terror, even when the media shows nausea.

Over the next several months, you will continue to hear this message, how the SCHWAB for U.S. Congress Campaign is working, moving and winning. We will continue to the end. We need your help. First, pass this email along to your friends and neighbors. Let them know what we are about and have them sign up for our campaign updates. Also, go to our web page and contribute. There is no amount too small. Now the federal government does say there are some contributions too big ($2100 per person is the limit). However, $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500 contributions are just as important as any one-time maximum donation.

Remember, real change means real change. If you are ready for a real change, then you need a real change in you Congressman. This time, you want SCHWAB.


Representative Schwab

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