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John Doll Announces Candidacy For Congress, First District

Location: Unknown

John Doll Announces Candidacy For Congress, First District

Kansas sits in the heartland of the United States. The Congressional First District is the heartland of Kansas, and John Doll believes this heartland has been ignored in Washington D.C. for some time now.

"We have come to accept the beef embargo that Japan and South Korea has been placed on us," Doll said. "This embargo costs the United States an estimated 3.8 billion dollars a year. We have allowed energy prices to soar to the point it makes driving to work expensive and farming impossible. We have farm programs that are being cut, although the large farming corporations benefited the most from these programs. We have seen interest rates climb steadily over the past two years."

"I feel that it is time to put someone in Congress that has lived and suffered in this economic down turn. I believe it is time to remove the professional politicians from government and give the government back to the people."

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