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Letter To Friends

Location: Unknown

Dear Friends;

When the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001, we were put into a position where we needed to defend our country and bring the people responsible for the attack brought to justice. The United States needed to be pro-active then and now to assure we will not be attacked again. Consequently, it is important to have a highly developed information system throughout the world and a strong military to protect or country.

It has been well documented that Iraq was not a direct threat to the United States security. Our attack on Iraq was based on bad or fabricated information. This war has been costly in a number of ways including, most importantly, the needless loss of life. The war has put an enormous burden on our country's resources. Finally, the animosity the war has brought to the United States from the people around the world has been damaging. Imagine if the effort, money, and technology used in Iraq were used to find the persons who actually were responsible for the attack on our country, Bin Laden would have been found and brought to justice.

The loss of life continues in Iraq at an alarming rate. While the financial drain also continues, the United States has been dealt
some horrific natural disasters. With billions of dollars spent weekly in Iraq, each week our country is forced to make cuts in
order to take care of its own. Our current leaders feel we need to make major cuts in agriculture, food stamps, and Medicare.
This is an unfair burden to place on the farmers, the poor, and the elderly while the tax cuts for the wealthy stay untouched.

While we continue to borrow money from countries such as China and Japan, our legislators are voting on matters such as
keeping Bush's tax cuts permanent. What message is this type of legislation sending to its people? Are they saying that the poor, elderly and farmers are less important than the wealthy? Is it not shortsighted that our legislators cannot see that our economy is not healthy? Shouldn't our legislators be accountable to the constituents they are representing, not to the party leaders that have an agenda that is not in the best interest for our region?

It is time we give our country back to people who care for the well being of our people. We need people in government who want all Americans to excel. Thank you for your support.

John Doll
Democratic Candidate for the First District

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