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Energy Plan

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Energy Plan

A major concern of the United States is the extraordinary rise in the cost of energy. The energy crisis hits hard in the heartland of America. People, especially farmers, are hit by energy costs to produce crops. High petroleum costs means a rise in costs for not only running machinery, but also in costs for fertilizer, irrigation, etc. But, where there are problems there are also opportunities. This crisis brings to the forefront the need to become self reliant for our energy needs. I believe that the mid-state region can become an integral part in the solution. Not only will this plan be a tremendous boost to the energy needs for the entire nation and beyond, but it will help alleviate some of the water shortage problem that is relevant in a portion of Kansas and bordering States.

One plan, that I believe can help bring prosperity back to the heartland, is ethanol plants. We could be the main supplier of ethanol to the United States and beyond. Ethanol can be made from different sources; the main one for our plan is milo. Milo can be grown throughout this region for a fraction of the cost and uses less water than corn and other crops. Once the milo has been run through the ethanol plants, the "residual or waste material" makes a very good and healthy feed for cattle. Many new vehicles can be run on 85 percent ethanol. With further technology, we could be running with even a higher percent of ethanol.

Who wins with this plan? The answer is everyone. First, farmers will have a crop that will be in high demand. This will keep the price of milo up, thus farmers can make a living farming. Second, the region, these plants would bring jobs and with jobs would be the population to buy goods locally and help relieve the stress of the shrinking tax base. Third, the United States, ethanol can be produced at about $1.00 a gallon, and we won't have to depend on the instability of other countries that we currently depend on for crude oil. Consequently, our gas prices should be lowered dramatically and would be more stable. Fourth, the world, since we have the best farmers and farm ground in the world our economy will thrive. When the United
States economy thrives so does the world's economy. Finally, we will place the future of our energy to the most stable people on this planet, the great people of the Mid-west region of the United States.

Our Representative for the First District of Congress, recently stated on the Public Broadcasting Station, the answer for our water crisis was to put more farm ground into CRP. In my opinion this is a very poor option. First, we will be asking farmers to go completely on government welfare on the ground placed into CRP. Ask most farmers and they will tell you that they want to farm. They don't want to place their equipment into the shed idle; meanwhile, the farmer hopes the government doesn't pull the plug on CRP. Second, this will stop our population from declining, raising the tax base of those of us who choose to stay and battle to keep our homes. Third, without farmers farming and a weakening agriculture our whole economy will be adversely affected. What about the businesses that depend on agriculture like implement dealers and co-ops, etc? Taking farmers out of farming would be devastating to the people of Kansas as a whole.

Recently I read an editorial in which Mr. Moran states that a little prosperity is good. I happen to disagree; we need a lot of prosperity. Not only will the first district be a better place but the entire United States would benefit as well.

Thank You,
John Doll
Candidate for the First Congressional District

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