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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 2006 Voters Guide

Location: Unknown

2006 Voters Guide

Donzella J. James

Age (as of July 0018 Georgia primary): 58

Education: Morris Brown College; Georgia State College; Atlanta School of Arts; Eleanor Roosevelt and Fleming Fellowships studies at Center for Policy Alternatives, Washington, D.C.; honorary doctorate of humanities, Emmanuel Bible College.

Profession: Retired federal employee; former Atlanta Public Schools community school program teacher; retired state senator (1993-2003)

Residence: Native Atlantan and 29-year homeowner in south Fulton County.

Family: Married to retired businessman and former air traffic controller Elmo James. Two sons, Brian and Kerry, who was killed by drunk driver; two grandchildren, Kerri and Ryan.

What experience will help you in this job?
My participation in working with teachers at my child's school, attending meetings in my community to address issues involving landfills, racetrack, promoting quality economic development and jobs for youth, Neighborhood Watch programs, recycling and keeping our neighborhoods clean gave me the experience required for this position. I also served as a state senator for a large portion of the 13th Congressional District, where I passed a number of good legislation, using such skills as negotiating and building coalitions across party lines.

What issue got you into this race?
The need to reduce taxes, my concern for health care for the elderly and disabled, especially in the areas of better prescription drug plans (one that is not complicated), dementia as well as AIDS to name a few; the need to reduce crime and violence in the community; the need for jobs and training; the need to reduce traffic and improve transportation; and to improve educational curriculum and better testing in schools as well as reduce truancy and dropouts; better veteran service and benefits.

Which current television character do you identify most with, and why?
Della Reese's character in "Touched by an Angel." Her character seems to demonstrate her tenacity to become involved in problem resolution, compassionate love and promote morality and peace.

What gadget or device have you bought recently that you can't live without?
My Razr cellphone, which has the capacity to take and save pictures, schedules, texting and e-mails, etc. Mainly for emergency communications between family and friends.

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