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Spratt Proposes Largest Tax Increase In History

Location: Rock Hill, SC

Press Release

Spratt Proposes Largest Tax Increase In History

Democrats' substitute forces huge tax increase on middle-income taxpayers

Rock Hill, SC - Ralph Norman, a State Representative and candidate for U.S. Congress, today made the following statement regarding Congressman John Spratt's budget proposal which would raise taxes and increase federal spending by $20 billion.

"I am 100 percent opposed to Congressman Spratt's plans to increase taxes and spending," said Norman. "John Spratt wants to give the working families of South Carolina one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history. Spratt wants to eliminate President Bush's tax relief that helped spur America's economy out of the recession caused by stock market corruption and the terrorist attacks on 9/11. John Spratt's desire to increase taxes and the growth of government puts him in lock step with the leadership of the national Democratic Party. After 23 years in office, it is clear, that he would rather serve Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi rather than represent the values of South Carolina families, investors, and small business owners."

Congressman John Spratt proposed the Fiscal Year 2007 Democratic Budget Alternative. Spratt's proposal would allow nearly all of President Bush's tax relief measures to expire and spending would increase by $20 billion. Even with these spending increases, Spratt's proposal failed to include funding for natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, and no increases were allocated for defense and veteran spending.

As a member of the State House of Representatives, Ralph Norman has been known as a staunch supporter of reduced spending and common sense fiscal responsibility. On March 30, Norman voted against a $6.3 billion budget for South Carolina because Columbia politicians failed to abide by their set budget limits that were agreed upon earlier in the session.

"I run a business and I know for a fact that more taxes and more spending has never done anything to help stimulate economic development. I think that the taxpayers of South Carolina are better served when they get to keep more of what they earn rather than trusting some government bureaucrat with it."

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