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Spratt's Actions Belie ‘Moderate' Label

Location: Rock Hill, SC

Press Release

Spratt's Actions Belie ‘Moderate' Label

Campaign Contributions Show Continued Coziness With Ultra-Liberal Nancy Pelosi

Rock Hill, SC - Recent campaign reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) show John Spratt has accepted $7,500 this campaign cycle from PAC To The Future, the political action committee (PAC) of ultra-liberal Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who represents most of San Francisco.

Additionally, reports compiled from Congressional Quarterly show of 715 votes Spratt has cast during the 109th Congress he has agreed with Pelosi on 652 of those, which is 90% agreement.

"Nancy Pelosi's campaign contributions to John Spratt show her endorsement of his campaign and Spratt's acceptance of it shows South Carolinians his acceptance of her ultra-liberal agenda," said Norman. "Families in South Carolina don't agree with Nancy Pelosi and her liberal stances on important issues such as abolishing tax cuts for working families and 2nd Amendment rights, and neither should John Spratt. But, unfortunately, that's what we are getting from him. South Carolinians are telling me it's time for a change and that's why so many are supporting our campaign and the conservative ideas which fuel it."


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