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Spratt Clarifies Position On Life

Location: Rock Hill, SC

Press Release

Spratt Clarifies Position On Life

Rock Hill, SC: After 23 years in office, liberal career politician John Spratt decided on Wednesday to let South Carolina voters know exactly where he stands on rights of the unborn when he voted to lift an abortion ban on some U.S. military bases. Spratt is facing the toughest challenge of his career from businessman and State Representative Ralph Norman and Wednesday's vote illustrates another clear distinction between the two candidates.

On Wednesday, Spratt voted to lift the ban on privately funded abortions on overseas military bases (Roll Call Vote #136: Failed 237-191: R 23-207: D 167-30, 5/10/06). Thirty conservative Democrats voted against the amendment but Spratt, who claims to be a conservative Democrat, once again voted with his choice for House Speaker, San Francisco-Liberal Nancy Pelosi.


"I am pro-life and firmly believe that every life both young and old is sacred," said Ralph Norman. "In Congress, I will fight tirelessly to ensure that our government recognizes that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed upon. It is unfortunate that Spratt lets the liberal special interests of his campaign contributors come before these fundamental values."

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