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Why Chandler Woodcock?

Location: Unknown

Why Chandler Woodcock?

My wife and I chose to raise our four children in Maine because we knew that it was a place where imaginations could expand and young minds could wonder. It is a place where children should grow to raise children. Now, years later, I envision a state where all of those children are able to find a meaningful occupation; a state where healthcare is accessible and affordable; a state where the money you earn isn't taken from you by your government at the highest rate in the nation; a state where the government listens to the people.

I want to work with the legislature, as the next Governor of Maine, to help lower the tax burden and thus create a more vibrant economy with more available jobs. I want to work to create a more balanced and affordable healthcare insurance.

I want work to ensure that government is run efficiently and responsibly for the people it serves-you, the citizens of Maine. I know that my vision is also your vision and that is why I want to be your next Governor. Together, we can change Maine!

I vividly remember the days of my youth when I used to gaze in wonderment at the majestic mountains and expansive forests and paused to inhale the salty air of our coast. I knew that I lived in a unique place and I also knew that I wanted to remain. Maine has always been a part of me and I know that it is time to make a difference in its future.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my many friends who have generously donated their time and efforts for the campaign. It is heartwarming to realize that so many people believe in what you are trying to accomplish. My family and I carefully considered this decision. Running for Governor of Maine should not be a decision made in haste. It should be a decision of the heart. My commitment is to make our state better and we need your help in order to make that a possibility.

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