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Lindeen Blasts Rehberg's Vote On Ethics Reform Bill

Location: Billings, MT

Lindeen Blasts Rehberg's Vote On Ethics Reform Bill

Bill is "a sham," Lindeen says

Billings--Monica Lindeen, Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives said that Congressman Dennis Rehberg must have had a lapse in memory today when he voted for the House Republican ethics legislation that does nothing to address the culture of corruption in Washington, DC. [HR 4975, Vote 119, 5/03/06]

"Under this bill, Dennis Rehberg can still get gifts and meals from lobbyists, he can still fly around on corporate jets, and he only has to give up lobbyist paid travel until after the election," she said.

"This bill is a sham attempt—and a lousy one at that—to try to convince the American people the Republicans are ready to clean up their own house," Lindeen says.

"How quickly Dennis Rehberg and his Republican friends seem to have forgotten the promises they made to the people back in January," Lindeen said. "When they were all running scared because America had ‘caught on' to the ethics problems in Congress, they pledged real reform."

Once again, however, Dennis Rehberg's rhetoric doesn't match his record, Lindeen said. Rehberg, even when he had the opportunity to vote for amendments that would have strengthened this legislation, voted no, she said. [HR 4975, Vote 118, 5/03/06] "Clearly, Dennis Rehberg isn't ready to give up his lobbyist paid trips and wining and dining," she said.

"While he's in Washington palling around with the lobbyists and the special interests, it's pretty clear to those of us at home in Montana that he's forgotten our values," she added. Montana voters are tired of the corruption in Congress. Lindeen says. "It's almost as if Dennis Rehberg hopes we won't notice that this reform is nothing more than an election year charade—well, even if he's forgotten, we haven't," she added.

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