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We Don't Need To Wait Anymore...

Location: Billings, MT

We Don't Need To Wait Anymore...
Dennis Rehberg tells us where he really stands on minimum wage

Billings—Monica Lindeen, Democratic Candidate for Congress, released the following statement today regarding Congressman Dennis Rehberg's vote against a federal minimum wage increase:

"I have urged Rep. Rehberg to sign Raise Montana's petition to put raising the minimum wage on the ballot in Montana. He has not responded. His vote today demonstrates how Rep. Rehberg, the 22nd richest member of Congress—who voted just last week to raise his own salary once again—works to enrich himself rather than working to help the approximately 30,000 working Montanans who are paid the minimum wage. "

"Montana families who struggle to make ends meet on minimum wage can't afford Dennis Rehberg and this Congress anymore. After paying rent, trying to keep gas in their cars so they can continue to go to work, putting food on the table—eventually something has to give. Dennis Rehberg needs to explain to all of us why he deserves a raise while 30,000 other hard working Montanans don't."

"Rehberg voted last week to accept a $3,300 raise. Most Montanans would love to see that kind of increase in their paychecks. Representative Rehberg keeps expressing concern about burdening business through raising the minimum wage. Apparently, he's not as concerned about burdening the taxpayer so he can get his raise."

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