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Rehberg Votes Against Pay Raise For Soldiers, Votes For His Own

Location: Billings, MT

June 29, 2005
Contact: Neal Ullman, 406-254-2006

Rehberg Votes Against Pay Raise For Soldiers, Votes For His Own

"Congress has not been getting the job done, they do not deserve this pay raise," said Lindeen

(BILLINGS, Mont.) - U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) voted to give himself a$3,100 pay raise Tuesday, above his current $162,100 salary. In previous votes, Rehberg was the deciding vote against a bonus of $1,500 for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan while also voting against quality of life enhancements for troops in Iraq such as pre-paid phone cards to call home as well as repair and replacement of damaged equipment.

"We're asking our men and women serving in the Middle East to make sacrifices like risking their lives and being away from their loved ones," said Monica Lindeen, a Huntley small businesswoman and legislator. "Congress, on the other hand, is not making sacrifices. While they vote themselves a pay raise, they refuse to do the same for our soldiers. We need representation in Washington that holds that Montana value of helping your neighbors. By voting against our troops and for his own pocketbook, Mr. Rehberg has shown he doesn't share those Montana values."

The vote to give a bonus to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan was defeated on a tie vote with Rehberg voting with Majority Leader Tom DeLay against supporting our soldiers. [HR 3289, Roll Call #554, 10/17/03]

Rehberg also voted with DeLay and his party leadership against an amendment to improve the quality of life for soldiers fighting in Iraq. The proposal included construction of more water treatment facilities to provide clean drinking water as well as medical and dental services for military reservists. That amendment narrowly failed by only seven votes. [HR 3289, Roll Call #547, 10/16/03]

"As a small businesswoman, I paid my employees based on the results they produced. The men and women serving our country overseas have proved time and time again they deserve every amount of assistance and pay we can give them. Meanwhile, Congress has created the largest spending deficits in America's history. I think it's clear that our soldiers need a pay raise and Congress does not," said Lindeen whose father, Melvin, fought in Korea.

Lindeen is a small businesswoman who has pledged to fight for better access to healthcare, higher-paying jobs, and a world-class education for our kids instead of catering to Washington special interests. She has served four terms in the Montana legislature and as a businesswoman built one of the largest internet providers in the state of Montana in less than five years.

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