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Lindeen Demands Real Energy Independence

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Lindeen Demands Real Energy Independence

When President Bush said in his State of the Union Address that we needed to solve this country's addiction to foreign oil -- I agreed with him. And when President Clinton told us we needed to do more on energy, I agreed with him; and I agreed with Bush senior and President Reagan and President Carter when they sounded the alarm.

The time has long passed for empty rhetoric on the issue of energy independence; the time has long passed for finger pointing and placing blame. With record high gas and power bills, it is too easy to vilify this administration's energy policy as "by the dinosaurs and for the dinosaurs". Montanans, however, want to know- demand to know - what will be done, not what might be done. Here is what I support...

On Monday, February 27, 2006, I announced my backing of the initiatives proposed by the Apollo Alliance. The Apollo Alliance is a consortium of people and groups with diverse interests—from labor unions, to conservation groups, to economic, social justice and faith based partners, to business people and foundations—that are working to address the challenge of energy independence and create millions of good paying jobs in the process.

In contrast to the all too familiar political lip service on energy policy, the Apollo Initiative pursues four broad strategies that seek to diversify our energy resources, invest in the industries of the future, promote construction of high performance, energy efficient buildings, and drive investment in cities and communities. Analysis of the economic benefits of Apollo shows a potential to add more than 3.3 million jobs, stimulate $1.4 trillion in economic growth, and $284 billion in net energy cost savings. Most importantly, the Apollo Initiative will make an investment in renewable fuels that will make Montana a key producer of America's energy.

Unfortunately, the career politicians in Washington don't seem to get it. We don't need another half-hearted proposal by another administration that pretends to address these important issues. Anyone in Montana buying fuel for their cars, trucks, or farm equipment and sitting at their kitchen table paying their heating bill can tell you what the reality truly is.

I am proud of the progress the Montana legislature made in developing renewable sources of energy during the last legislative session in Montana. We supported the development of wind energy, ethanol and biodiesel in Montana, and I will continue to lead on this issue when I am elected to Congress.

Montanans and Americans are ready for a new future that recognizes and addresses our greatest challenges—our economic well-being, our national security and the health of our environment. With our "can-do" spirit in Montana, we accomplished great things during the last legislative session. I will take that same spirit to Washington, DC.


Monica J. Lindeen

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