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Lindeen Demands Dennis Rehberg Tell Us Where He Stands On Minimum Wage Increase

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Lindeen Demands Dennis Rehberg Tell Us Where He Stands On Minimum Wage Increase

In a letter hand delivered to Dennis Rehberg's state office in Billings on Wednesday—as well as to his campaign headquarters—Monica Lindeen asked Dennis Rehberg to follow-up on his pledge to look at the Raise Montana petition he refused to sign at his filing press conference nearly a month ago.

"Not following up on your pledge to at least look at this issue suggests you have forgotten our lowest income working Montanans," Lindeen wrote. She also reminded the Congressman that since elected in 2000, he has seen raises totaling $20,100, or almost twice what a Montanan working for minimum wage makes in an entire year.

Lindeen explained that as she grew up in a service-industry household—her father was a truck driver and her mother a waitress—she knows that the minimum wage matters in homes all across our state every time folks sit down at their kitchen tables and try to make ends meet.

Lindeen asked Rehberg to sign the Raise Montana petition and she urged him not to forget about our hard working Montana families.

Rehberg has yet to respond, and Lindeen wonders if he ever will. "Apparently, Dennis Rehberg doesn't believe that the people of Montana should get the chance to vote on this issue," she said. "His signature, added to those of other Montanans, is needed so the voters can decide in November whether Montana families deserve a raise, too."

Lindeen said that as she is traveling the state, she is carrying Raise Montana's petition with her so more people have the opportunity to sign.

"I believe raising the minimum wage—especially with the protections provided for small business in this measure—will spur economic growth and workforce development," she says. "It is far past time for all of Montana to get a raise, not just a select few like our Congressman," Lindeen added.

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