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Lindeen Delivers Message To Delegation: Reconsider Prescription Needs Of Montana Seniors

Location: Billings, MT

Lindeen Delivers Message To Delegation: Reconsider Prescription Needs Of Montana Seniors

For Immediate Release:

Billings--Monica Lindeen, Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives, today hand-delivered a petition signed by over 80 senior citizens from the Worden area, to the district office of Congressman Dennis Rehberg. The petition urges the Montana Congressional delegation to reconsider the prescription needs of Montana seniors.

Lindeen said she was approached by members of the Worden Senior Center to help them with the petition, and they also asked for her help in delivering their message to the Congressional delegation. "As we learn that 40% of Montana's seniors have yet to sign up, it is clear that this is a problem for more than just 80 seniors in rural Yellowstone County," Lindeen said.

"Frankly, many seniors remain confused by the new program," Lindeen said, "and when my local seniors asked for my help in delivering that message, it seemed like the right thing to do."

Lindeen said this program is double trouble for seniors. "They want them to sign up for this plan before May 15," she said, "and what they are asking seniors to sign up for is a confusing plan."

Aside from the confusion created by the plan, Lindeen said the fact that it doesn't allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices and that seniors won't be allowed to change plans within the first year, makes this plan unconscionable at best—both for seniors and taxpayers.

Lindeen said she is aware that Rep. Rehberg's office has been involved in "listening sessions" on the Medicare Part D issue. "I think that's great," Lindeen said. "We are hoping Dennis Rehberg will hear that our seniors have real concerns about both the confusion and affordability of the plan."

Lindeen said Montana seniors who fail to meet the May 15 deadline will be subject to a tax increase and penalized for confusion created by congress - not seniors. "Dennis Rehberg has clearly heard the pharmaceutical and insurance companies' needs but now he must hear what Montana's seniors have to say in this debate," Lindeen said.

Lindeen said copies of the petition have also been delivered to the offices of US Senators Max Baucus and Conrad Burns. Lindeen pointed out that Senator Baucus has already come out in support of extending the deadline and hopes the rest of the delegation will follow the lead he is taking on behalf of Montana seniors.

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