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Lindeen To Rehberg: Montana Is Running On Empty While You Fill Up On Big Oil And Gas Money

Location: Billings, MT

Lindeen To Rehberg: Montana Is Running On Empty While You Fill Up On Big Oil And Gas Money

For Immediate Release: 4/27/2006

Billings—Monica Lindeen, Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives, today joined every-day consumers in front of Dennis Rehberg's Billings' District Office to call upon the Congressman to commit to real action to bring down gas prices for Montana families, farmers and ranchers. Lindeen and Montanans want to know who Rep. Rehberg is representing- working Montanans or multinational oil corporations.

"Dennis Rehberg has only delivered empty promises when it comes to fighting high gas prices," Lindeen said. "That's because he's been too busy saying ‘fill ‘er up' to the big oil and gas corporations when it comes to his campaign fund."

"After he told us last fall that lowering gas prices ‘should be a priority,' Dennis Rehberg voted with his party leadership against holding big oil companies accountable," Lindeen said. Lindeen said Rehberg has forgotten about Montana consumers, but he doesn't seem to have forgetten about the big oil and gas industry that's given him nearly $125,000 since he was elected to Congress [Center for Responsive Politics].

"While Dennis Rehberg has been priming the pump of big oil and gas, he's left us running on empty at home," said Lindeen, who was joined today by Sarah Warren, a single mother of three.
Warren, of Billings, knows how the high price of gas can impact a family budget. She is completing her education at MSU-Billings, and she says she can barely afford to get to school everyday. "I'm trying hard to build a better life for my family," Warren says.

"Frankly, it's reached a point of choosing between going to class or taking my daughter to after school activities," she said. "I feel like the politicians have forgotten about my family." Warren also pointed out that this issue was not about being poor or middle income. "This is about every Montana family," she said.

Lindeen said that Montanans deserve better than election year politics when it comes to prices at the pump. "We don't need posturing," Lindeen said. "We need a real commitment to bringing down gas prices for Montana families—we need a return on the investment we make every day when we give big oil billions in tax breaks."

Lindeen adds that it is far past time to allow the Justice Department to investigate price gouging by the big oil corporations.

"As Dennis Rehberg was filling his campaign coffers, he also voted for billions in tax breaks for energy producers," Lindeen said. She also noted that Rehberg voted twice to protect big oil companies against prosecution for price gouging.

"This is an issue that impacts every Montana family," Lindeen added. "From paying more for groceries because of increased transportation costs, to paying more at the gas pump to get to work everyday, to paying more for diesel fuel for the tractor, Montanans are being hurt by Congress' failure to act responsibly on this issue," Lindeen said.

"It's time we really invest in both immediate and long-term solutions to this problem," Lindeen said. "Big Oil corporation profits are at record highs, CEO's are raking in multimillion dollar compensation packages, and, clearly, we don't need to be providing them with more tax breaks," Lindeen said. "In fact," Lindeen adds, "we could invest those billions in developing renewable energy."

Dennis Rehberg clearly forgot about Montanans last fall, Lindeen said. "He failed to hold the oil companies accountable then," Lindeen said. "We need to be sure we hold him accountable now.

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