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THe Missoulian - Lindeen Brings Her Congressional Candidacy To Missoula

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Lindeen Brings Her Congressional Candidacy To Missoula

Posted at noon June 23
By Luella N. Brien of the Missoulian

Huntley businesswoman Monica Lindeen brought her newly announced candidacy for U.S. Congress to Missoula Thursday morning.

Lindeen, a Montana State University-Billings graduate, said she will focus on three vital issues: affordable health care, higher-paying jobs and a better education system.

"As a successful business woman and a legislative leader, I know how to work together to get things done," Lindeen said to at a press conference in front of the Missoula County Courthouse.

Dave Wanzenried, House District 97 representative, introduced Lindeen as a stellar public servant, a good friend and someone who understands what Montanans need.

"She's one of us, she is going to remember who her bosses are," Wanzenried said.

Lindeen said she wants continue to build on economic development in Montana on a federal level.

"One of the biggest issues is job training," Lindeen said.

Lindeen wants the job training program she helped create to continue to grow and to start retraining people who already have jobs to help diversify the state's economy.

"Businesses develop as the need arises," Lindeen said. Better training could help business owners expand their services.

Lindeen also hopes her Montana attitude and hometown-girl appeal proves contagious in Congress.

"People get so wrapped up in the power structure; hopefully, I can help them remember why they are there (in Congress) and who put them there," she said.

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