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KULR-8 - Lindeen For Congress

Location: Billings, MT

Lindeen For Congress

By Scott Beadle

JUNE 23, BILLINGS - A state representative from Huntley is running for Congress. Monica Lindeen made it official Wednesday morning, making the announcement with a group of supporters at MSU-Billings. The Democratic state rep is challenging incumbent Denny Rehberg for Montana's only seat in the U.S. House.
Lindeen says if she's elected, she'll work with both parties to tackle some key issues. "As a business woman and a legislative leader, I really truly believe that I have found a way and the ability to get along with people in order to get things done for Montana. I've proven that I can do that. I've proven I have the leadership skills to work on the things I've been working (on) at the state level, which is making sure that we have access to quality, affordable health care, world-class education, and good-paying jobs for Montanans."
While Lindeen doesn't officially have competition in the Democratic primary yet, Larry Jent of Bozeman has also reportedly considered running.

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