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KULR-8 - Lindeen Files

Location: Helena, MT

Lindeen Files

by Marissa Kozel

MARCH 21, HELENA - It's official, Democrat Monica Lindeen is running for Congress against incumbent Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg.
Monday Lindeen kicked off her campaign by officially filing at the Secretary of State's Office at the State Capitol. Lindeen is vying for the seat Rehberg has held for three terms. The four-term state legislator says her campaign is focused on weaning America from its dependence on foreign oil, and campaign finance reform in Washington. " It's not about being a Republican or a Democrat it's about being an American, and making sure we're facing the challenges that are important to this country. And making sure we're dealing with the priorities of this nation, the working people of this nation, the business owners, our senior citizens, and our veterans. That's what's important," Lindeen says.
Rehberg has not yet officially filed, but another Democratic candidate has joined the race. Monday Eric Jon Gunderson of Frenchtown also officially filed to run.

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