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Protecting Our Civil Liberties

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Protecting Our Civil Liberties

Something is inherently broken when our Constitutional rights are carelessly cast aside under the guise of the greater good. Something is even more broken when our elected representatives vote for laws against the interests and wishes of their constituents that dismantle our civil liberties. The Patriot Act is just such an animal, and, you guessed it, Dennis Rehberg voted for it. Monica understands that protecting our civil liberties is an important part of the job of anyone who is elected to represent us. That's why she—along with 85 percent of Montana legislators, Democrats and Republicans—voted for a resolution in 2005 urging Congress, the President and Montana's Representatives to fix this law so it would protect the civil liberties of all Americans. Monica understands that Montanans value these liberties, a value apparently lost on Rep. Rehberg who voted, once again, for the Bush agenda. Not unlike his land grab vote, which would have given government the right to sell our public lands, now he wants to grab our civil liberties, too.

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