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Letter To Californians

Location: Unknown

Press Release
Office of Edward C. Noonan
Candidate - Governor

March 13, 2006


My fellow Californians,

My name is Edward C. Noonan. I am running for the office of Governor. I start my campaign declaring that the U.S government is failing the State of California in one of its most elementary, most primary duties: It is not defending our state's borders and entryways, and it is not exerting proper oversight over alien visitors to California.

News accounts are filled daily with reports that every week, thousands of aliens enter the State of California illicitly, or stay here illegally when they ought to depart. Most of these people simply seek to better their lives, to escape from the impoverishment or oppression of their country of origin, to build successfulness for themselves and their households in our state.

Most county sheriff departments and police departments throughout California state that a noticeable portion of illegal noncitizens are common crooks, who believe they can ply their lawless trade better in a land which severely restrains the activities of its police. And a country whose courts gives great leeway to incriminated foreigners.

And too smaller percentage are terrorists, who come here with the intent to obliterate as many of us as they can. The Washington Post reported Islamic "plotted to attack military facilities, synagogues and the Israeli consulate, among other Southern California targets." A federal grand jury here in California indicted the head of a radical Islamic prison gang and three other men on charges of conspiracy to wage war against the U.S. government, conspiracy to kill service members and foreign officials, and other related crimes.

It is clear that rogue foreign visitors are planning the most horrifying means they can think of, to assault us in order to change the direction of our national policies, or even with the hope of destroying our nation altogether. All, however, are breaking Californian laws, as are those California firms that hire them.

We have many laws that are supposed to protect us. Why are these laws not enforced by our President? Why, if the laws themselves are unsatisfactory, are they not changed by our napping Congress?

So why are our immigration laws and penal codes laws repeatedly construed by our law courts to give maximum compassion to the continuation of this mass unlawfulness? If, as "legislation from the bench" intends, a outlaw who enters California unlawfully, or illegally overstays his agreed term of residency here, is to be granted something close to full citizenship status, without substantial penalization, why do we have complex and expensive procedures for authorized immigration? And what do we say to immigrants who follow our immigration laws and wait with patience for their citizenship, when those who jeer at immigration laws and hop the fence and sneak through our state border crossings?

I am the only candidate that wants to stress the plain fact that our laws are not being implemented; that our federal authorities are neglectful in the execution of its most basic obligation towards its masters — we, the people. I am also the only candidate that champion the outcry to draw your attention to the effects of that willful neglect, namely, that the fiber of our state is being changed.

I want to stress that change is, of course, nothing to dread for an active and advancing state like ours. Californians have always welcomed change. The great wave of lawful immigration into this state through the late 19th and early 20th century changed and improved us boundlessly — though we should remember that in order to give those recent immigrants time properly to assimilate, the Federal Government sternly restricted legal immigration for 40 years, from 1924 to 1965.

Regardless how receptive as we are to change, it must come about in a way that Californians have been give some part in the consideration and then give their approval. Immigration matters which apply to California must have oversight by our state elected representatives. The great changes that are now occurring in California is being done with the approval of the people of California. There is a shortage of good jobs, inexpensive health care, and affordable housing. And the is becoming a problem of even in the languages spoken in our communities. Such changes of our society should require the blessing and confirmation of the people of California. Otherwise we give up our birthright that our forefathers fought to provide for us.

The State of California is being transmuted before our eyes, not in any way we willed or planned or assigned or okayed or voted for, but arbitrarily, by vast inflows of non-citizens who have come not because they are the most able-bodied, or most sought after, or best qualified, or most useful, or most likely to make good Californians, but merely because they come from a country that is side-by-side California. And they are here because they are most barefaced in dodging our laws and border checks.

We have this problem because the immigration authorities will not impose our laws — existing laws, laws passed by our own elected Congress! — our states, counties and cities, our hospitals and schools, our welfare and police and prison systems, are being pauperized by the demands placed upon them by foreign-outlaws who jeer at the processes we have cautiously constituted for non-citizens entering into California.

The matter of uncontrolled illegal immigration is linked to, though it is not the same as, the issue of immigration in general. Very few Californians are unfriendly to authorized immigration. The overwhelming percentage of us, after all, are descended from legitimate immigrants, if we are not actually legal migrants ourselves.

Moreover as we insist that the laws of this republic be properly, fairly, and humanely enforced by the elected servants of this republic, we also insist that, as a state of free citizens, we should participate, through our political establishments, in conclusions about the number of immigrants to be allowed, the countries or regions we should prefer them to come from, and the kinds of skills we should like them to bring to our republic and our state.

That involvement is being denied to us here in California. It is now more than 40 years since the radical Immigration Act of 1965, which created the current system of legal immigration. Did that act work as designated? Does it need rewriting? Adapting? Repealing? Leaving alone? Seems to be a general agreement among our political classes and media upper crust that this subject is out of bounds — that to initiate it in the public debate is "racist," or "bigoted." Why?

I say that the makeup of our state's population is a matter California citizens ought to be concerned with! Why is it unsuitable for us even to discuss what kind of state our children and grandchildren will spend their lives in?

My fellow Californians, I urge you to cast a vote for me in June. I vow to you that my first acts as Governor will be to batten down our State's borders and entry points, discover and expel all foreigners who are living here unlawfully. I will punish all Californian corporations who have breached our laws by hiring illegal aliens, and ask the State legislature to assist my administration in outlining a comprehensive new bill on legal immigration, one suitable for the conditions of the early 21st century.

I want to make it clear that if I am not successful in my pursuit for the post of Governor, your vote will have helped make it clear to our conventional political parties, and to our elected servants and judges and bureaucrats, that we, the citizens of California, treasure our laws, even if our government does not; that we want to see those laws enforced — fairly, in the right manner, humanely, without discrimination, but enforced — and that we insist on having some say in the make-up of this state that we shall hand on to our children: its population, its surroundings, its traditions, its language, its religions, its legal and political customs, its values. Cast your vote for me in June!

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