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Assembly Democrats Put Driver's Licenses For Illegal Aliens In Fast Lane

Location: Sacramento, CA

Assembly Democrats Put Driver's Licenses For Illegal Aliens In Fast Lane

Law enforcement says SB 60 is wrong approach for California

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SACRAMENTO - Assembly Republicans today criticized Assembly Democrats for passing legislation to allow illegal aliens in California to receive a state driver's license.

"Generations of immigrants from around the world have fled tyranny and oppression in their homelands for the right to be free in our country," said Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. "Giving lawbreakers who have entered California illegally the privilege of driving on our roadways disrespects the many sacrifices made by our nation's legal immigrants, and sends the wrong message that it is OK to break the law in our state."

SB 60, by Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, would direct the Department of Motor Vehicles to craft procedures to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens who live in California. The DMV states that if half of the estimated 2 million driving-age illegal aliens in California obtained driver's licenses during the first year, it would cost taxpayers an estimated $40 million in staff time, partially offset by application fees.

California law enforcement officials argue that SB 60 may be premature, as Congress has recently adopted important new legislation regulating driver's licenses at the national level. In its opposition letter to Senator Cedillo, the California Highway Patrol argued that "the Legislature should wait for these federal regulations to be finalized before adopting new standards at the state level for driver's licenses and ID cards."

"Our public safety leaders have made it abundantly clear that SB 60 is premature and irresponsible," McCarthy said. "Make no mistake, SB 60 is costly legislation that jeopardizes the safety and security of all Californians."

SB 60 was approved on a party-line vote during today's Assembly floor session and now returns to the Senate for final approval.

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