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American Needs a Strong Border Security Bill

Location: Washington, DC

American Needs a Strong Border Security Bill

This past week, House leadership unveiled a statement of principles reinforcing their position on border security and immigration enforcement legislation. The Senate and the House have both passed versions of immigration reform--but the two versions are very far apart. The next step is to iron out the differences in a House-Senate conference committee. During the next few months, Republicans in the House will be holding a series of hearings and field visits across the country to further examine border security and immigration issues. Committees with jurisdiction over immigration legislation will be holding meetings to determine what should be included in a comprehensive immigration and border control legislation.

I am committed to working with my colleagues to send the president a comprehensive border security bill. Following are the core principles that House Republicans will be working to include in final immigration

We strongly support initiatives to secure our borders and provide additional resources to federal and state authorities to strengthen border patrol efforts.

We strongly support strengthening enforcement and stiffening penalties for illegal immigrants who break our immigration laws.

We support enforcing the law on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and holding them accountable.

We oppose efforts to reward the behavior of illegal immigrants who have made the choice to break our laws.

We believe the success of our country depends on newcomers obeying the law, assimilating into American society by learning English, and embracing our common identity as Americans.

Our goal is to send a bill to President Bush that reflects these principles. These cores principles will ensure any legislation that is signed into law will secure our borders and enforce our laws. America is a great country and we always want to be welcoming to anyone that wants to come here legally, but illegal immigration strains our economy and jeopardizes our security. As we continue to work toward a comprehensive, long-term solution to our immigration policy, please contact my office if you have any questions on this legislation or any other legislation being debated in Congress.

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