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Reproductive Freedom

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Reproductive Freedom

I support a woman's right to choose, and I will vote to protect it. Let's face it, no one likes abortions. The best thing we can do is provide meaningful education and prevention, and to ensure that working families make living wages and have access to affordable health care and affordable child care so that women and young families do not have to choose between poverty and abortion.

Reproductive Choice

I support a woman's right to choose, and will vote to protect it.

No one likes abortions, and the best thing we can do is to work with reasonable people to reduce the number of unwanted and unintended pregnancies and to nurture all those in our society who wish to have children by providing real economic opportunities and not just the choice that many face between a lifetime of grinding poverty and abortion. Working women and men must be compensated with living wages, affordable health care, and affordable child care so they can provide for their children and be productive members of our society. If we provide meaningful sex education and means of preventing unintended and unwanted pregnancies, and make sure people have true economic choices, then the need for abortions will be greatly reduced.

Abortions declined during the years of Bill Clinton's presidency and have increased under President Bush. Why?
• Under President Clinton sex education was encouraged, prevention was supported, and a strong economy gave women and men hope for a good future with their children.
• Under President Bush, sex education and prevention have been curtailed, and the economy has become harsher. Society is no longer nurturing women, but is giving them a painful and difficult choice.

The fact is that making abortion illegal does not stop abortions. Women of means will leave the country to have abortions. Poor women and teenagers will have abortions in back alleys. Making it illegal only breeds disrespect for the law.

Those who want to reduce abortions should join together to insure that women have real choices: meaningful sex education, living wages, affordable health care, and affordable child care, and abortions will all but disappear. I oppose efforts to make abortion illegal in favor of giving women acceptable choices.

Jerry McNerney
Democrat for Congress, CA 11th District

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