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Committee Statement on Energy Bills

Location: Washington, DC

Committee Statement on Energy Bills

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for having this markup on the "Energy Research, Development, Demonstration and Commercial Application Act of 2006."

This legislation contains two bills I have introduced: The "Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Act of 2006" and the "Solar Utilization Now (SUN) Act of 2006".

Americans want lower gas prices, less dependence on foreign oil and a cleaner environment. These bills help achieve all three goals.

The "Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Act" establishes a partnership between private and public entities to focus on electric drive technology.

The "SUN Act," is needed because part of the answer to our energy needs comes up every morning. Solar power is clean, plentiful, and generates zero emissions and zero waste. The "SUN Act" encourages state governments and private industry to team up to apply for federal grants.

These two bills are good for our energy security, national security and environmental security and I appreciate their being included in this legislative package.

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