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Message from the Senate

Location: Washington, DC



Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, you know, our colleagues across the aisle are asking the American people to divorce our mission in Iraq from the global war on terrorism. I think it is impossible. I think it is irresponsible, and it is bad policy.

If only terrorism were as clear cut a problem as they want us to believe, and if only elimination of the Taliban would have been sufficient to free us from the threat of terrorism. Mr. Speaker, have we not learned anything from September 11? It should be crystal clear that terrorism went far deeper than one rogue regime in Afghanistan.

But that is where they are in this debate. They are ignoring reality. Our troops, my folks from the 101st and the National Guard, know that if we are going to be free of terrorism, if the goal is to prevent terrorism from killing 2,000 Americans on our soil tomorrow or forevermore, then we must bring major change to the Middle East.

It is an unpleasant reality, but it is a reality. That is where we are in Afghanistan. That is where we are in Iraq. Progress is being made. Libya has changed, the Taliban is basically gone now, al Qaeda has significantly weakened and bin Laden is on the run.

Pakistan is an ally in the war on terrorism. Iraq, despite a 24/7 massive media campaign of negative news, is making progress, and we have eliminated al-Zarqawi. On this issue of amnesty, the Iraq National Security Adviser corrected the record and, for the record, stated that the Prime Minister was misquoted.

I have that entire interview and the transcript for the record, and I would like to quote for my colleague's benefit another portion, and I quote, he, as a matter of fact, if you were there, and this is the Iraqi National Security Adviser speaking, if you were there in this meeting with President Bush a couple of days ago, he looked the President in the eye and he said, thank you very, very much for liberating our country. I thank the American wives, the women, the American mothers for the treasure and the blood that they have invested in this country. It is worth investing for liberating 30 million people, and we are ever so grateful.


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