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My Values...

"Do the right thing, even when nobody's looking." I once heard a football coach told his players that was the only team rule -- that it covered everything that needed covered. I agree.
I've got personal concerns that span generations. I'm a husband and the father of four young girls, including my 4-year-old daughter, Katie, who was born with spina bifida and is mobile through the use of a wheelchair. I'm also a concerned son: Until her death in July of 2005, my mother had been bedridden for years, was on a feeding tube, and she and my father relied on Social Security and Veterans Administration benefits to live. My father is 73, a former preacher and route salesman for the Coca-Cola Company. Having served in the Marines, my father is a disabled veteran who is completely deaf and took care of my mother full-time right up until the day she died in her sleep in their home. He taught me to believe in Jesus, how to shoot a hook shot over a taller opponent, and by example that it's always best "to do the right thing," even when nobody's looking.

So, what is the right thing? Well, the list of right and wrong is obviously endless, but below are a few issues where our current Congressman and I disagree on what the right thing is. You decide.

* I'm opposed to abortion. We've lost about 47 million innocent American lives since Roe V. Wade. Regardless of which abortion procedure is used, it's barbaric, it's murder, and it's performed legally every day on about 4,000 innocent, little babies in the United States. We have the highest rate of abortion of any industrialized nation in the world, despite the fact that our own Declaration of Independence states clearly that the right to life is among the unalienable rights endowed to all by their Creator, along with the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No matter how some in society choose to spin it, abortion is killing a baby, and that's just plain wrong. When some people place less value on one life than on others -- such as those who proposed prior to her birth that my daughter Katie would have a substandard "quality of life" and should be aborted -- it makes my blood boil, and I want to do everything I can to stop it!
* I'm opposed to both homosexual marriage and homosexual adoption of children on a number of levels that include not only my personal religious beliefs but what I believe is good for society as a whole.
* I'm opposed to federal funding of drug needle exchange programs. It promotes illegal drug use, and that's not how I believe most people want their tax money used.
* I'm for protecting 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. The Constitution guarantees it, and I believe we need to support it.
* I'm in favor of a Constitutional amendment that would protect the American flag from physical desecration. There once were flag protection laws in 48 states until a liberal Supreme Court overturned those laws by a 5-4 vote in a 1989 ruling, stating that flag burning is a form of "free speech." Flag burning is not speech. It is an inappropriate action for any American citizen and should be banned in this country.

I'm opposed to irresponsible and insensitive taxes. An example of this would be the Estate Tax -- or Death Tax -- that has caused the loss of or hardship to so many small family businesses and farms across America. It's a tax that every member of the Arkansas Congressional Delegation -- both Democrat and Republican alike -- opposes EXCEPT the current representative from District 2.

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