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Message From the Senate

Location: Washington, DC

MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE -- (House of Representatives - June 15, 2006)


Mr. MARIO DIAZ-BALART of Florida. Mr. Speaker, our Nation is fighting bloodthirsty monsters like al Zarqawi, monsters that behead civilian hostages and that blow up innocent women and children.

And if many of our Democratic colleagues across the aisle have their way, we would already have cut and run from Iraq and Zarqawi would still be alive beheading innocent people. Thankfully, our brave troops understood the kind of enemy that we are facing.

This is an enemy, Mr. Speaker, that kidnaps and beheads hostages. This is an enemy that walks into a mall full of innocent people and explodes bombs. This is an enemy that declared war on the United States decades ago, Mr. Speaker, and refuses to stop until liberty has been snuffed out.

But the United States cannot and will not allow that to happen. Hard work remains in Afghanistan and Iraq. The stakes are high. The Afghani people understand that. The Iraqi people understand this as well. So do the terrorists who murder on a daily basis.

But we are steadily working towards success, not defeat. Because, you see, this is more than just about helping people over there. This is about protecting our country from rogue states and terrorists over here.

This resolution, Mr. Speaker, makes it clear that the American people are determined to prevail in protecting our freedom from terrorist. We will not cower to these thugs. We will continue to support our honorable troops and prevail over this evil, Mr. Speaker.

As long as we maintain our resolve, Mr. Speaker, and do not cut and run, we will win, we will defeat the terrorists.


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