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Patrick Murphy Leads Seniors Town Hall Meeting

Location: Levittown, PA

April 10, 2006 (Levittown, Pennsylvania)

Patrick Murphy Leads Seniors Town Hall Meeting

Murphy, experts address skyrocketing health care costs, threats to Social
Security benefits, and issues surrounding Medicare Part D.

In a Town Hall meeting Saturday, Patrick Murphy, the endorsed Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District, joined a panel of experts and several senior citizens in a spirited discussion on the mounting challenges that older Americans face: from increasing health care costs, plans to privatize Social Security, and the confusing Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

Much of the discussion focused on the Medicare prescription drug benefit program, which has been widely criticized as having been written by pharmaceutical lobbyists and for confusing those it allegedly aims to help. The law prohibits the government from leveraging large-scale purchases in order to negotiate the best price for taxpayers.

"We need a real prescription drug plan that puts Americans first, not drug manufacturers, and Medicare Part D is not it," Murphy said. "The D stands for disaster."

Another topic covered was Social Security and the Bush Administration's renewed plans to privatize and weaken the system. And seniors can't rely on their current Congressman to protect their retirement benefits. Just weeks after taking office, Fitzpatrick gave his rubber stamp to the Bush Administration's privatization scheme, telling the Doylestown Intelligencer [Mr. Fitzpatrick goes to Washington, Feb. 22, 2005] that he chose to support Bush's proposed private accounts.

Murphy vowed that he would never vote to privatize or weaken Social

"The current Congress and the Bush Administration have left seniors behind, and Mike Fitzpatrick has been their rubber stamp," Murphy said. "We need new leaders with new priorities and a real commitment to protecting our senior citizens."

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