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Supporting Our Troops And Honoring Our Veterans

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Supporting Our Troops And Honoring Our Veterans

We are a nation at war. One million of our troops have become combat veterans since 9/11/01, a third of whom have deployed more than once. However, they need our help. The 2006 budget that was recently passed by Congress has a $155 million cut in veterans' benefits in 2006 alone, as our veteran population is growing. It is also cutting $798 million over the next ten years. As a nation, 11,700 of our vehicles in Iraq only have the minimum armor which is inadequate, and our commanders on the ground are asking for more. By comparison, three years after Pearl Harbor, our country rallied to produce 300,000 aircraft, 100,000 tanks, and 2.4 million trucks. We have a terrific military, but they are struggling to field the troops they need. Our government needs to do more and I will fight for the 58,000 veterans in my district and our veterans throughout our country.

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