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Altmire Kicks Off Campaign With Unanimous Building Trades Endorsement

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Altmire Kicks Off Campaign With Unanimous Building Trades Endorsement

posted: 1/11/2006

For Immediate Release

(Pittsburgh, PA) Democrat Jason Altmire officially kicked off his campaign this morning for Congress from Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional District at the Steamfitters Local Union #449 in Pittsburgh.

Altmire told a crowd of nearly 200 union members and supporters, "I'm running for Congress because I disagree with what is happening in this country, and I won't stand on the sidelines any longer while our national leadership takes us down the wrong path. This election is all about change. Change in direction, change in priorities and change in leadership. Families across Western Pennsylvania have told me they want a representative who will fight for them. And I want all of you to know that I am not running because I want to be a Congressman; I am running to be your Congressman."

"Rather than focus on special interests and partisan politics," said Altmire, "I believe Congress should focus on the issues that affect all of us, like getting our nation's health care costs under control."

Altmire continued, "I have spent my entire professional career working in health care policy… We have enough lawyers, politicians and millionaires in Congress. We need a health care expert, someone who knows the problems and the process. If you send me to Washington, there won't be anyone in Congress who knows more about health care, who cares more about health care or who will work harder to fix our broken health care system."

At the event, the Western Pennsylvania building trades organizations also announced their endorsement of Jason Altmire. "Our endorsement today represents the joint endorsement of the six county building trades organizations," said Rich Stanizzo, Business Representative of the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council. "We believe that Jason Altmire is not only a much better alternative to our current Congressperson, but he will speak for working people everywhere when he gets to Washington. We are very comfortable with Jason Altmire being our representative in Congress."

"Beaver County Building and Construction Trades Council represents 10,000 unionized construction men and women," said President Sam Prodonovich. "Jason Altmire will fight for the things important to working families, and we are proud to support him."

"Union members pay $6 to $10 per hour for health care. It's the biggest issue, not only for the building trades but small manufacturing unions as well," added Robert Thomas, President of the Butler and Venango Counties Building and Construction Trades Council. "We want our representative in Washington to make health care a top priority. Jason Altmire is passionate about this issue, and he will be an advocate for the hard working men and women of Western Pennsylvania."

"Clearly, we need a change in Washington," said Sam Shilling, President of the Mercer County Building and Construction Trades Council. "Jason Altmire will be our representative in Congress. He'll fight for us, not special interests, and the Mercer County Building Trades are pleased to endorse him."

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