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Statement Of Ken Lucas On Indictments Of Governor Fletcher

Location: Covington, KY

Statement Of Ken Lucas On Indictments Of Governor Fletcher

COVINGTON - Ken Lucas responded today to Thursday's grand jury indictments of Governor Ernie Fletcher.

"The citizens of Kentucky rightfully expect the highest moral and ethical standards of their elected public servants. Gov. Fletcher must waste no time in setting the record straight on his role in the public corruption scandals plaguing his Administration. I am sad to see both Frankfort and Washington, DC mired in scandals that have fractured the public trust. Geoff Davis has failed to condemn or separate himself or his campaign from those in Washington who have been indicted or admitted to public corruption. I call on him to join me today in condemning such scandal in our state and in Washington."

Geoff Davis on Corruption in Frankfort, 2002

"Honesty, integrity, character is real critical because we saw what a lack of character has done in Frankfort."

The Cincinnati Enquirer, October 24, 2002.

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