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Victory in Iraq Means Security at Home

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Victory in Iraq Means Security at Home

Over the last few weeks, we have seen good news being reported out of Iraq. We're seeing more clearly that the work we're doing there, could help lead to a generation of peace and prosperity for our country. Our primary motivation as Americans - while we are certainly supportive of democracies in other countries - is the belief that when Iraq is a democratic country, America is going to be safer.

We're learning as we find out more about al-Zarqawi, his death and the letter that they found on him, that the insurgents are discouraged and the American presence there is making it harder and harder for them to operate. Since his death, we've been able to make hundreds of other raids and kill more terrorists. The best news is that one third of these raids were done by Iraqi's themselves and many more were done with a small amount of U.S. logistical assistance, which proves the Iraqi Army is getting closer and closer to being able to take on the terrorists by themselves.

It was a good week here in Washington too. We were able to move through the emergency spending bill to support the troops and their efforts. That will go a long way, I think: encouraging our people and discouraging the terrorists, as they see more and more of our equipment, supplies and training coming to support the Iraqis.

I'm afraid though that some folks up here in Washington are trying to have it both ways: going around saying they support our troops while at the same time saying let's cut-and-run. As my friend, Senator John Cornyn from Texas says, "You don't let your enemy up when you've got your boot on his neck." I think that's where we are right now and I'm encouraged that we're closer than ever to pinning the terrorists down.

We know that if we allow terrorists to overrun Iraq, it will become a safe haven and a staging ground for attacks on the U.S. and our allies. We don't really have a good "in between" choice: either we run and turn Iraq over to the terrorists and let it become a terrorist headquarters, or we continue to stay until Iraq is a stable democracy and the enemy is defeated.

This on-going victory has certainly been at a terrible price…but we must never forget the price that was paid in one day on 9/11. While we fortunately haven't had an attack in America since that tragic day, unless we beat the terrorists now, we'll eventually have many more attacks on our soil, and we can't let that happen.

This fight is for America…for making America safer. The lesson of the last few weeks: if we keep our commitment, persist and hold to our values there, we'll win. A generation of freedom and security, prosperity and peace is our goal, and the Iraqi mission is a big part of making that dream a reality.

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