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Senator Landrieu Honors Flag Day, Veterans

Location: Washington, DC

Senator Landrieu Honors Flag Day, Veterans
Announces Sponsorship of Flag Desecration Amendment.

U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., today commemorated Flag Day in an open letter to constituents in which she reflected upon the importance of the American Flag and what it represents. Describing the flag as "our nation's most enduring symbol of freedom," Sen. Landrieu also paid tribute to the "heroic sacrifices made throughout our history to defend it."

"Our flag pre-dates the U.S. Constitution, and gives us strength in times of turmoil -- uniting us even in times of great division," Sen. Landrieu wrote. She stressed the importance of protecting the Flag and shared her recent announcement to the American Legion that she will co-sponsor the Flag Desecration Amendment, which would amend the Constitution to authorize Congress to make laws prohibiting the desecration of the American Flag.

"I believe this amendment and the Freedom of Speech can stand side-by-side in our Constitution, and I support the legislation as a tribute to our military personnel, their families and our veterans," she wrote.

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