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House Republicans Turn Backs on Middle Class; Economic Insecurity Grows

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, House Republicans have turned their backs on the middle class, and that is one of the main reasons an overwhelming majority of Americans want Congress to move in a new direction. Our constituents want us to work on behalf of all Americans, not just the wealthy few. But for 5 years now the Bush White House and Congressional Republicans have showered millionaires with large tax breaks while ignoring the economic conditions of the middle class. This year, while middle-class families received an average of a $60 tax break, America's millionaires received a whopping $65,000 gift from the Federal Government. And Washington Republicans call this fair?

It would be one thing if both the wealthy and middle class were both benefiting in today's economy, but again many of our constituents are facing uncertain times. Today, wages are stagnant, family debt is on the rise, health care benefits have either disappeared or increased dramatically, and savings levels have plummeted.

These are the economic conditions many of our constituents face today, but this House Republican majority seems content with the status quo; and it is time this House listened to hardworking middle-class Americans.

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