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Taylor Praises President Bush For Reinforcing Strategy In Iraq To Nation

Location: Waco, TX

Taylor Praises President Bush For Reinforcing Strategy In Iraq To Nation

"President Bush has made the hard choice not to retreat and secure America against terrorism"

WACO - Van Taylor, a businessman who served as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and fought in the war to liberate Iraq, today praised President Bush for reinforcing America's strategy in Iraq to the nation last night in his national address and this morning in a press conference.

"Last night and again this morning, all Americans heard our Commander in Chief lay out clear reasons why it is so vital to our national security that we finish the job we started in Iraq and how artificial timetables for troop withdrawal would prevent us from successfully completing that mission. I agree with President Bush. From my experience leading troops in combat, good battle plans require flexibility to achieve success and artificial timelines arbitrarily set timetables that hamstring commanders on the ground," said Taylor.

"We are making progress in Iraq. Nothing proves that more than Iraqis going to the polls and determining their own future. The very notion that we can't or may not achieve our mission, perpetuated by naysayers, undermines the morale of our troops. As one of those troops who was on the ground in Iraq, I know that is not what our troops need. President Bush has made the hard choice not to retreat and to secure America against terrorism."

Taylor joined the Marine Corps after graduating from college and graduated from Infantry and Intelligence Schools before earning the privilege of leading a Reconnaissance platoon and serving as an intelligence officer. After four years of active duty, Taylor joined the Marine Corps reserves so he could keep serving his country while he worked to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Taylor then volunteered for duty with the Marine Corps' C Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion and was activated to fight in Iraq where he fought with the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company. As a Captain, Taylor led missions behind enemy lines for the 4500 Marine Task Force Tarawa, including the leadership of the Task Force's first platoon to enter Iraq before the start of the main invasion.

Taylor's platoon encountered, and defeated, several Fedayeen ambushes, participated in the operation to rescue American P.O.W. Jessica Lynch and rescued 31 wounded men-under-fire during a counter attack by several thousand Iraqi soldiers. He was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with "V" for Valor, the Combat Action Ribbon, and the Presidential Unit Citation

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