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Taylor Applauds U.S. Military For Their Innovation For A Changing Battlefield.

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Taylor Applauds U.S. Military For Their Innovation For A Changing Battlefield.

Iraq War Veteran Says Hillary Clinton's Criticism Off-Base

Van Taylor, Candidate for U.S. Congress in TX-17 and Iraq war Veteran commented about the AP story featured in the New York Times Sunday. The story was meant to highlight troop casualties as a result of lack of adequate body armor.

'I believe that we need to expedite new body armor to our troops on the ground, as well as continue to give them all the tools they need to win the war in Iraq."

"I disagree with Senator Hillary Clinton's statement that this is a failure by the administration, I see this is another story of Marine Corps and Army adapting to a changing battlefield."

"Every military goes to war with weapons, equipment, tactics, and organizational planning that requires continuous modification to deal with the realities of a new battlefield. As you change, so does the enemy. To succeed, you must adapt and overcome."

"It is not a question of whether you need to adapt to the realities of the battlefield, but how rapidly. Today's military is adapting at a rate never seen before in the history of war. The military has adopted new weapons, radios, tactics, training and organization in response to the realities of the battlefield in Iraq."

"The rifle I carried, the body armor I wore, the HMMWV I rode, the tactics, I used are all now obsolete in Iraq. We need policy makers that understand how rapidly we are changing and how badly we need that change to succeed."

We can always do more, but the US Marine Corps and the US Army deserved credit for implementing a wholesale plan of change to improve our tactics, equipment and organization to win the war in Iraq. I want to take to Washington my first hand knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing today's Military."

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