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Van Taylor Launches Second Ad As Momentum Builds

Location: Waco, TX

Van Taylor Launches Second Ad As Momentum Builds

Takes On Border Security

WACO, TX - - Pushing his way forward to the Republican Primary in March, Van Taylor has released his second television advertisement today, tackling the tough issue of border security. The ad features snap images of Taylor in his Marine fatigues, rifle in hand, flashing between shots of him speaking about the dangers of our current level of border security.

"This ad is intended to demonstrate that I have the experience and understanding of what it takes to address and solve the problem of our
porous borders. Congress needs more members who have first hand knowledge of the situation on the Mexican border, not just a cadre of staffers to give them information on it - anyone can simply read a report and expand on it, but I've led Marines there, and I understand the severity of this problem" said Taylor.

Serving on the Mexican border with Joint Task Force Six in 1997, Taylor led Marines conducting missions in conjunction with the U.S. Border Patrol. Taylor's leadership contributed to the Joint Task Force Six overall mission of performing interdiction to capture drug traffickers would be terrorists and stop illegal aliens from crossing into the United States. Joint Task Force Six is headquartered out of Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

Taylor began his advertising with an introductory piece addressing his beliefs, values and service in Iraq as a United States Marine. The second ad illustrates Taylor has swiftly taken on the issues that matter most to the people of Central Texas.


Van Taylor: I led troops on the border, and I know that it is not secure by any standard. We are facing thousands of illegal aliens entering our country everyday. We have borders that are wide open to terrorists and drug traffickers. Until we have secure borders, we won't have a secure country. We can and we must do better. I'm Van Taylor, I'm running for Congress, and I approved this message, because border security must be a priority.

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