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Van Taylor Campaign Debuts Third Television Ad

Location: Waco, TX

Van Taylor Campaign Debuts Third Television Ad

Focuses On Cutting National Debt

WACO— As the March 7th Republican Primary nears, Van Taylor has released his third television advertisement, building on his strong grass-roots campaign to represent the citizens of Central Texas. The advertisement is focused on our nation's ever-increasing national deficit.

"As a dedicated father, I want to ensure my daughters have a future where they are not expected to pay for our lack of foresight," said Taylor. "It is incumbent upon the leadership in Washington to do something about out of control spending and keep our economy strong for generations to come."

Taylor's ad directs attention to the federal deficit which is increasing at a reported 1 billion dollars a day. At the current rate of spending, we will leave America's children an 8 trillion dollar debt to deal with. Taylor's attention to this issue is part of his fiscally conservative agenda, and builds on the case that as a successful businessman, he is best suited to lead Central Texas into a brighter financial future. Van proposes steps to reduce the national deficit by curtailing excessive government spending and waste.

The advertisement will be broadcast on both cable and network television, throughout the 17th Congressional District. With a substantial media buy behind the spot, the Taylor campaign hopes to send a clear message to voters: Van Taylor is a conservative, Republican who will represent Central Texans with conservative fiscal policy.


Van Taylor: I'm Van Taylor, and I approved this message. Because of Washington's insatiable appetite for wasteful spending, we are racking up the federal dept at 1 billion dollars a day. Saddling our children and future generations with an 8 trillion dollar federal dept. As a businessman, I know how to balance a budget. And as a parent, I believe that's an obligation we have to our children.

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