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Van Taylor Calls For Port Security Legislation

Location: Waco, TX

Van Taylor Calls For Port Security Legislation

Terms Port Leasing "Extreme Risk"

WACO- - With the recent news of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based Dubai Ports World taking over management of 6 American ports, Van Taylor has taken a stand against what he believes to be an extreme risk for national security. Taylor called for legislation that would prohibit foreign ownership or administration of points of entry and ports that are vital to homeland security, while calling for congressional oversight.

"While I welcome foreign investment, we cannot outsource our port management. It leaves us vulnerable and weak. America must own and protect its ports of entry: air, land, and sea," said Taylor of the recent developments. "This is not a matter to be taken lightly, we cannot allow our families to be put at risk."

Currently, the United States only physically inspects 6% of all containers entering our nation per year. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff attempted to reassure the American public that the proper measures have been taken to ensure safety of our ports and told CNN's Late Edition: "Congress is welcome to look at this and can get classified briefings." Nevertheless, Taylor remains steadfast in his call to stop American port operations from being managed by nations whose backgrounds are questionable.

"I served on the US / Mexican border as a Marine," said Taylor, "we don't subcontract our border security to a company from another nation. By that same logic, it makes no sense to allow a government with connections to terrorism to operate our ports." The Associated Press (2-12-2006 cited below), among other media outlets, has cited reported links to the UAE and the 9/11 hijackers. Taylor has made securing our borders a key issue in his campaign for Congress, and intends to continue to call for increased security of our ports as well.

Taylor complimented Senate Majority Leader Frist, Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Boehner on their leadership to help slow the advancement of this deal, in an effort to at the very least, fully vet exactly what is being dealt with and then counter with legislation if need be.


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