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District 17 GOP Unites Behind Van Taylor

Location: Waco, TX

District 17 GOP Unites Behind Van Taylor

Locks up Key Endorsements

WACO- - Saturday March 25th, every county in the 17th Congressional District, Texas met and overwhelmingly endorsed Van Taylor for United States Congress. In addition to receiving the GOP endorsement from all 12 county parties, Taylor has also seen every recent challenger to his opponent endorse his candidacy.

Taylor, who appeared at the Hood, Johnson, and McLennan County conventions stated, "I am honored and humbled with the support I have received and continue to be astonished with the growing support my campaign is seeing everyday." Taylor continued, "Republicans are excited to have a candidate with experience that speaks to the challenges of our time, such as the War on Terror, border security, balancing the budget and family values.

"Republicans are also excited to have a candidate for the 17th District who is going into the general election with full support from the party, this is going to be a very strong showing of unity."

Each county voted to adopt a resolution endorsing Taylor as a United States Marine and Iraq War combat veteran, successful local businessman, 7th generation Texan raising the 8th generation with his wife, a lifelong conservative Republican and a lifetime member of the NRA, who will bring our traditional family and Christian values to Central Texas and Washington.

Taylor has also received the endorsement of former candidates for the 17th Congressional District, Dot Syder, Arlene Wohlgemuth and Ramsey Farley as well as Governor Rick Perry, and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman, Congressman Tom Reynolds. Additionally, Taylor has the endorsement of every county chairman in the 17th Congressional District: McLennan: M.A Taylor, Brazos: David Kent, Johnson: David Kercheval and the now incoming Dan Hunt, Hood: BW Moore, Hill: Mel Bryant, Grimes: Gwen Peterson, Bosque: Helen Dozier, Madison: Betty Nosovich, Somerville: Deedee Jones, Robertson: Mark Burrow, Burleson: Don Cook and Limestone: Lance Phillips.

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