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Marine Who Served On Border Responds

Location: Waco, TX

Marine Who Served On Border Responds

WACO- - Republican Congressional candidate and United States Marine, Van Taylor, who served on the U.S. - Mexican border in 1997, released the following statement regarding President Bush's speech to the nation regarding immigration.

"I applaud the President for taking action to protect our nation. I have long been a proponent of strengthening our borders and I am glad to see the President address the nation on this issue. Having said that, I believe we can go farther by, drying up jobs for illegal aliens, and ending social welfare and handout programs for illegals. We need to stand up for Americans and I intend to go to Congress to put Americans at the front of the line."

"Current laws hamper military support, and Congress needs to pass a law to help the National Guard to perform its task and achieve maximum impact. Also, paying a fine is not enough; illegal aliens who want to become a citizen should go home and come back legally."

"I've seen with my own eyes what the American people know in their gut, our borders are not secure. We cannot have true national security until we have border security. I know from my personal experience as Marine on the U.S. - Mexican border that the military can contribute to our national security without overextending."

Taylor served on the U.S. - Mexican border in 1997 performing interdiction, using advanced technology to execute his duties, and implementing policy, which he now wishes to streamline and perfect from a first hand perspective in Congress.

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